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The General Epistles

Posted on 2 July, 2012 at 13:30

Wouldn’t the General Epistles have both a Hebrew and Christian “flavor” to them; since they are geared towards someone in the Tribulation and written (early) after the Messiah dies, is buried, and resurrected?  Since God wrote specific scriptures that had to do with a born-again Christian in the church age, wouldn’t God also make provision for the group of people who will go through the Tribulation—the most people ever saved in human history
(Revelation 7:9)—by giving them specific scriptures that had to do with their situation?   Loss of salvation; faith and works for justification; addresses the Hebrews and twelve tribes; last days; enduring unto the end and holding out to be saved.  These all have nothing to do with a believer today in the body of Christ.  Therefore, we can conclude that these books have to be “New Testament” (since they are written AFTER the cross), but are placed decidedly AFTER all of Paul’s writings to the church before the Rapture (Romans to Philemon) and BEFORE all hell breaks out in the Revelation.  Remember, “the last days”—a term used EARLY in the writings of Scripture, because someone during the first century was also looking for Jesus to return (Acts 1:6) and set up His earthly kingdom, the Kingdom of Heaven—was moved to the time right before the Second Coming (two-thousand years later).

Pastor Bob


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