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I'm Saved, Now What?

Posted on 8 January, 2013 at 18:55

Brother Brian Denlinger is a good Brother, and we agree on many things, but in his video “I’m Saved, Now What,” in his effort to help new Christians grow to maturity, he actually lists a very important issue— maybe the most important issue for a new Christian last (or almost last). It should have been listed FIRST! [I won’t make you listen to the whole video (49 minutes) to enumerate what he says, so I will list them here]…


Read the King James Bible

Bible Study

Godly Music


Church Attendance

Sanctification/God’s will 

Brother Brian tells you that if you can’t find a church to start one of your own—“a house church.” That’s very bad advice. Unless God has called you to preach/pastor, it’s not your place to start a church. (I didn’t say you couldn’t invite your friends and relatives over for a Bible study, spiritual sing-a-long or godly fellowship, etc.... But, unless God leads you to start a local church, I wouldn’t do it on a whim.) 

Unless there is NO Bible-believing church in your area—and these days many on the internet are in that case—you are rebelling against God by not attending one.

If you are not in agreement with that (above) statement, please read my book “At His Feet” and pray about what is said therein about this subject.

Pastor Bob

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