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Witnessing for Jesus in the Book of Ruth

Posted on 20 January, 2013 at 17:00

Witnessing for Jesus in the Book of Ruth


After her husband dies (Ruth 1:5), Ruth, the hungry Gentile (hungry for the things of God) follows her mother-in-law, Naomi, back to Beth-lehem (which means “the house of bread) where she is looking for grace (Ruth 2:2) from someone who can help her in her plight.  After hanging around a while to feel things out (Ruth 2:7), after accidentally (Ruth 2:3) stumbling onto a field belonging to Boaz and sidling up to those who are already working in his field (Ruth 2:3-7), Ruth finds the grace she is looking for.  (Ruth 2:10)


This story, Christian, is a picture of what we aught to be doing for our Saviour.


We are to be faithfully working for Jesus (Boaz) in His field.  (John 4:35)


If someone stumbles across our path, we are to tell them about Boaz (witness) and Boaz about them (pray).


We are to introduce the Sinner to Boaz (Ruth 2:3) and Boaz to the Sinner.  (Ruth 2:5-7) 


Once they are introduced, our work is done (except continuing to work in His field).  The rest is up to Boaz and the Sinner.  (Ruth 2:8-10)  Hopefully, like Ruth, the Sinner will find the grace he or she is looking for.  (Ruth 2:10)


Pastor Bob  

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