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The Antichrist

Posted on 6 February, 2013 at 16:40


Like the TEN Gentile toes that Daniel (2:41 and 42—compare Revelation 17:12) saw in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream.  Those little “piggies” were NOT Jewish, Doc! Leviticus 11:7!!!!!  This is where it gets confusing Doc, and this is where I believe you’ve mixed things up.  For Judas to have betrayed “...the Son of man with a kiss...” (Luke 22:48 ), he would have had to go undetected by all the Disciples.  Don’t forget, Satan is a supernatural being, and, accordingly, has the power to “...deceive [even] the very elect....”  (Matthew 24:24)  The truth is, Judas (a natural born Syrian JEW) was really an ENEMY, who Jesus—with full knowledge, mind you—let infiltrate His “camp.”  With this thought in mind, for the JEWS to accept the Antichrist as their long awaited Messiah, he himself must be a JEW (with Apostolic SIGNS—I Corinthians 1:22) who brings in peace and REbuilds their TEMPLE for them.  Don’t forget, the first white horse rider (like Haman—Esther 6:6 to 8 ) was a counterfeit (Revelation 6:2) who will please Israel by destroying her two main ENEMIES: ISLAM and ROME. Though these two powers have spent their entire careers endeavoring to abscond with Israel’s (promised) LAND and usurp her (God given) AUTHORITY, the Beast will be only too glad to sacrifice these two scapegoats, to win her confidence.  This will happen when he scrapes together TEN (—like the sons of Haman) nations to destroy her enemies!  READ IT FOR YOURSELF!  Revelation 17:16.  That’s what’s mixing you up Doc.  The Whore, with her popish head, is ROMAN.  BUT, the Antichrist—obliged to prove his friendship to Israel—must be a JEW.  Though the Beast  himself will be JEWISH, it doesn’t mean ALL Jews in Tribulation will become antichrists, anymore than the WHOLE nation of Israel (as you suggest) will take on the designation, “...BABYLON THE GREAT,THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH....”  (Revelation 17:5)


From foot note #88 ~ "The Golden Sceptre" …Page256


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