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Facebook Bible Study Group

Posted on 11 August, 2013 at 18:30


If someone joins an on-line Bible study group and casually participates in it, it gives them another outlet—some might say, “a virtual outlet”—to hash out Bible truths and experiences in a way that's not readably accessible in “the real world,” twenty-four hours a day.  I understand that there is a real world out there where real people like you and I have family, friends and (hopefully) a church to attend.  But, not everyone is so fortunate.  [Don’t forget there are many shut-ins who, also like you and I, are looking to connect to those things too, but are unable.]  Therefore, this medium/utility can at least substitute as a close second to the local assembly.

Like a church, if you are in a group of believers—that, because of the internet's vastness, is spread out across the whole globe—who believe like you in “doctrine” and “manner of life,” etc (see II Timothy 3:10-11), it won’t be necessary to fight and wrangle, day and night, over things that you've already studied out and know to be so.  In fact, your experience most likely will be just the opposite, because you have found on a large scale those who think like you and try to live their lives accordingly.  On a different note, this author has learned the hard way that just because someone attends a church, even one that claims to be “scriptural” or “Bible,” they find out, often much too soon and without provocation, that they have an immediate fight on their hands because those churches pan out as disingenuous.  Let’s face it, since we are living in the last days right before our Saviour comes for us, the line of truth and conviction—being blurred more and more right before the Rapture, is certainly destined to fail and fall.  If you think about it, it might not be a bad idea after all to find those who truly believe like you (I Kings 18:13 …sometimes it’s okay to be stuck in the dark on bread and water with others who believe like you), especially in things that really matter.

Another concern is fellowship.  On more than one occasion, my wife and I have been in churches that, after the last “Amen” was said, look like ghost towns a few minutes after the service had ended.  Really!  The lights were turned off and instructions sternly given “…time to go home, folks.”  This is where even a modicum of fellowship might be handy and indeed come into play for the rest of the week.  (Don’t forget that some churches only have one service, or, at the most, two.)  Again, I’m not saying the internet group should replace the local church (if there is one), only enhance it.

The bottom line is, try to get all the Bible and fellowship you can in your local assembly.  But, if you need more (or some, as the case may be), remember that there is usually someone “on-line” ready to be your friend, who is genuinely interested in your spiritual growth and love for the Lord Jesus, who will, at the very least, point you in the right direction in order to help you accomplish that goal.  It’s that way in our group, anyway.

Pastor Bob

Brother Mark Meyers replied...

"Yes Amen Brother many folks criticize folks for being on FB and they forget about folks that aren't as fortunate as others and can't possibly know their situation...however, I'd rather see them here spending their time, for the simple facts that one, they are seeing post from Bible Believer's, seeing scriptures, looking up those scriptures...having dialogue with other Believers and that is not only are they learning something from the Book it is also a form of fellowship and Bible class all rolled in one...I mean they could be watching soaps, porn, sitting at the local bar...At least they are getting some good illustration pix and charts and videos from outstanding preachers and teachers and testimoines and preaching here. I mean come on lets give folks a break...I don't have a local Church to attend...this outside of my personal Bible time and prayer is all I get...I am thankful for these Bible Believing Groups...And, personally, I can give a hoot what folks say about me...."

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