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The Main Thing

Posted on 15 August, 2016 at 19:15



Jumping right in...


The real picture that we are supposed to have of life is the one that God carved out in scripture, and not our own. That's why even though we are in a free society and have the liberty to express our opinions by voting our convictions, we nonetheless have to view it by the constraints of our perception of scriptural prophecy. Where are we, prophetically, in scripture? If we see wrongdoing, can we "turn it around?" Would God be pleased, if we did?



What am I saying...?



Somewhere, we have to decide, is America Israel?



Where do we fit in, as believers?



How are we supposed to be thinking?



What's the bigger picture, here?



What are we called to do, as born again Christians?



How can we please our Heavenly Father?



The issues on the table above trump (pun intended) the issue(s) of political advancements, which usually parlays itself into economic issues, which, in God's eyes, don't always have precedent over spiritual issues. In my opinion, if they were living today, you'd be hard pressed to see the Apostle Paul or Peter at a political rally--(except) maybe of course to pass out gospel tracts or borrow a megaphone to declare the word.



Don't you think there was political unrest during the time they were living? Scripture has very little to say about those things. Why? Because believers were spending time with a bigger issue... "THE resurrection from the dead." "...This Jesus got up, and so can you." The main thing is still the main thing. I'm glad for all my friends and FB friends who are trying to make this world a better place to live. Only, this world is not my final home.



Spend time with what really matters.


Pastor Bob


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