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Witness to Someone and Get Immediate Cash

Posted on 29 August, 2016 at 19:15


Well, while my wife and son decided they were going to paint the kitchen cabinets, I thought that--since any access to food was limited and there would be no cooking for a few days--I would be a hero (pun not intended), and go to a local grocery store to get some food items.

One of the benefits of this particular grocery store and my graying hair is that the front end workers ask if they can help load the groceries into your vehicle. I acquiesced this young lady's request, and out the door we went. Obviously, my motive was to pass on one of my chicken cards/tracts (, so that she might look at my site after work.

To make a long story short, after finding out that this grocery worker was studying to be a criminal lawyer and having what I considered the liberty to speak to her about the gospel (she told me that she never heard that before), when we were done, she opened my drivers door for me (!!!) and as I sat down to drive away, I espied something green about a car's length away from my front windshield. I got out to see what it was, and sure enough it was a twenty dollar bill. I showed her, got back in my vehicle and thanked the Lord for paying for half of my groceries.

Pastor Bob

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