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Please Don't Go to Hell

Posted on 28 January, 2017 at 18:45




So, I'm driving last week about a half a mile past my house, when I saw a black lady on the corner by a traffic light who was holding up a sign a hand written poster-board sign. But, since I was waiting to go left, and her back was towards me, I never saw what her sign said. (I figured, since there are many many panhandlers in Pensacola holding up “need help” signs on almost every corner, that maybe she was asking for food or something for her family.)


Well, on the way home today, this time with Terry in the car, that same lady was there, so I asked Terry to read the sign for me. It said, “Hell is real, please don't go there.”


“Wow,” I thought, this lady is giving out the truth.


Anyway, on my way home (only about a half a mile from there), I remembered that we had some old (nice looking) scripture signs that were in good shape that we were going to put in storage. I thought I would be a blessing and give one to this lady. I dropped off Terry and the groceries and asked her to bring out those (maybe ten) signs that I had put in a garbage bag to bring to this lady.


When I got back to her ten minutes later, she was walking away from the corner. “I just caught her,” I thought, and hoped that the long light at that corner would change quickly. I think I sat there about thirty seconds.


Because it was a single lane road, I passed her and was able to turn around in a housing complex not far up the road which happened to be the one she lived at.


Anyway, when I got there, the sign I thought was poster board was actually a dry eraser board that she had hand written those words on.


I gave her not one, but ALL the signs in the bag, and had a nice ten minute conversation with her.


She isn't exactly in my camp, but seemed to be very open to hearing more.


I gave her my phone number and agreed to talk soon. (She texted me while I'm writing this article/testimony.)


Please, pray for Sister Cheryl.

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