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Gospel Chair

Posted on 7 March, 2018 at 0:45

When witnessing to people who are not saved, I point to a chair close by and say...


"See that chair over there...?


...Either you are trusting it or not to hold you up completely."


Then I go and sit in the chair with my feet on the ground and ask the person, "Am I trusting in this chair to hold me up...?"


Inevitably, they always say "Yes..."


After they answer, I reply, "...You are wrong... >>>MY FEET ARE STILL ON THE GROUND<<<."   Then, I lift my feet up, and tell them, "Now, I am fully trusting the chair, COMPLETELY."


"...You don't go to Heaven trusting Jesus AND being a good person. You trust in His death on the cross to pay for your sins, his burial and glorious resurrection."

Pastor Bob

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