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Don't Confuse the Issue

Posted on September 28, 2010 at 1:25 PM

The following is a letter placed in my local newspaper.

In his letter to the editor, Ryan Lantzy of Johnstown mistakenly wrote, “Religious bigots also should realize the God of Islam is the same God of Christianity. These religions share a common ancestry of following the God of Abraham.”

You are right, physically, both religions share a common ancestry, but, spiritually, both don’t follow the GOD of Abraham. God has an opinion, too. And, His is the one that counts, for Eternity. Scripture says, “Abraham had two sons, one by a bondmaid, the other by a freewoman.” (Galatians 4:22) The bondwoman and her son, Ishmael—where the Muslims (Islam) trace their roots back to Abraham, were “cast out.” (Galatians 4:30) Though Abraham IS father to both boys; don’t confuse the issue. The Messiah came from the lineage of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Not Ishmael.

Most who join/form this great nation of ours are a peaceable people, who are willing, for the sake of tolerance, to lay aside their religious and political differences. But, that doesn’t mean everyone does. There are under cover extremist, on all sides; waiting to seize the moment they can destroy us from within. Never doubt the duplicity of sinful man. One minute, they are dressed in religious garbs, and the next, smiling in your face, blow you up.

Pastor Bob Leib


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