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Posted on 1 January, 2021 at 14:40



You talk about cheating and lying, and trying to pass off false results onto others...


...What do you think I have been doing most of my life in defense of this battle...?


See, Brother John, I've been doing this since I was eighteen.


[Oh... someone THOUGHT I was referring to the present day election results. Silly YOU!! ☺️ No no. Read on....]


Someone has tried to pass off their false (Did I just use the word "false...?") FALSE!!! findings/results onto the general populous, hoping that no one was looking. This has been a big sell job, hoping to con the simple.


Well, hundreds of books and versions later, this is still going on. The only difference is that there are many loyalists who have taken the time to study out and come to the right conclusion that what is being attempted to be passed off as the true word of God has it's origins elsewhere, not God.


The only way to figure all this out is to take the time it demands to come to the proper conclusions.

Pastor Bob

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