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Posted on 30 January, 2021 at 15:05

I got accused a while back of wanting all my Facebook friends to be my PERSONAL friends. Poppycock. Nothing could be further from the truth.

When I go to my local store, I look for people who I might of said "Hi" to in the past, because I KNOW their faces. I want to give them more information about me so we can talk, especially if they are unsaved. I want them to hear the Gospel or more of the Gospel. I want folks to get saved and learn to love God more. Isn't that what you want...?!!! I know that my local shoemaker isn't my REAL friend, but when I go in six months later, I remember that I look and sound like Laura's (Jim's wife) "uncle Carl." (She professes to be saved.)


The greatest thing that you can do as a believer is to get in the mix. Love people. Give them the TRUTH. Believe me, they will learn who you are. Either they will like you or do their best to avoid you. None of that matters. What matters is Jesus Christ. He matters and wants you to take a few folks with you to Heaven when you go. Will you do it? Will you give them the Gospel and make friends with someone for the RIGHT reasons...?


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