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Stand By Me

Posted on 16 October, 2021 at 13:40


This is a good old song—an oldie by Ben E. King.



I got to thinking about my son who is visiting from New York.


I want him to stand by me. Or, I want to stand by him. We won't, here, talk about my wife who wants to be close to her babies. She thinks that I don't get it. I always want to be around my babies... at least for a little while. {Smiley face.} Let's face it, they are all “growed up” by now and have their own lives to live.


This short post is a spiritual one. It's about Jesus.


I'm listening to this song on my radio, and all of a sudden a thought came in my mind. Jesus. I'm gonna hang out with Jesus for eternity. WOW! More than that, I wonder if He is gonna stand by me or will I desire to stand by Him. I know that it's just an earthly emotion... ...hangin' out with someone... ...I get it. But, the feeling is wonderful. Another thought surfaced. With all the people that are saved, will I even get near Jesus. I guess that's why He put His Spirit in us. I guess in eternity, He will make His presence very real to us THROUGH His Spirit—the Comforter. I guess that's why He (the Comforter) was given to us today.


Pastor Bob

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