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And Now a Word From My Wife...

Posted on February 12, 2011 at 11:49 AM

Does it get any more feminine than that?

Posted on February 10, 2011 at 4:08 PM

Hope the little GRANDma-to-be announcement caught your eye. I found that accidentally, and thought it was a sweet way to honor our son and daughter-in-law, even if they don't come online to see it. Also reminds me to pray for them, all three of them.


Are you wondering why I put such a notice on here? Think for a moment, and answer this question: what makes us different from a man? Do you know the answer? It's more than outward anatomy, ladies.


What makes a woman a woman is the fact that she has a womb.




God is the one who came up with that.


Since our womb, even with it's natural inconveniences and pains, makes a woman a woman, is there any more feminine thing she can do than to USE the womb to carry a new human being there.


During one of my pregnancies, I read a statement that went something like this: at no other time in a woman's life is a woman more feminine and attractive and desirable than when she is pregnant.


The pregnant form of a woman does something to a man. It brings out in a man the desire to protect and care for the woman. A pregnant woman is very vulnerable, and that fact alone might attribute to his intense need/desire to keep her from harm.


Though modern thinking has terribly corrupted this thinking on all counts. Too many woman worry about how fat they are during pregnancy, thinking their man will be turned off by it. Studies have been done proving the opposite is true. (Due to the graphic nature and language of some of them I am not linking them here.)


A time that should be full of joy is marred by current misnomers about what a man likes. Women are supposed to look like women. Women have a shapeliness to them that appeals to men. Pregnancy accentuates and enhances those areas which turn a man on, and if he hasn't been brainwashed into thinking of pregnancy as a disease, he is thrilled to see his pregnant wife, who is carrying his child within.


Pregnancy is a beautiful expression of femininity. Expectant Mothers shouldn't hate their new and/or improved curves, they should delight in them.

Mrs. Bob Leib

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