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Is Facebook the Bible?

Posted on 12 September, 2011 at 14:05

Did you ever realize how much work it takes to write letters to your friends, on Facebook?  That’s the electronic outfit I use, anyway, to connect with folks.  Personally, I like talking on the phone.  For me, it’s a lot faster, and you can determine someone’s mood by their intonation.


Even though we have phones, for some reason, a lot of people are still compelled to write or type their thoughts on to paper or (these days) create electronic letters—“e-letters”, blogs and articles (like I’m doing now) in places like Facebook or a host of other utilities.  Why?  To communicate—to communicate in writing!   


Texting or writing letters to friends and loved ones compels us to keep in touch with them, in order to keep a written record of our thoughts. 


If you never thought about it before, that’s how God wrote portions of the Bible, especially the New Testament.  Holy men of God were used by Holy Ghost to write letters—inspired epistles that later would comprise Scripture.  The Apostle Paul was the best example of this.  He wrote letters to Timothy, Titus, Philemon and the saints and faithful brethren in the churches.  If Paul didn’t keep up with this method of correspondence—communicating to his friends and the churches he established, in writing—we might not have those books, today, in the New Testament.

So, the next time you write a letter to your friend (or establish a document in a group), let that be a reminder to you that that was the same method that God employed to record parts of the Holy Bible.

Pastor Bob


When we look back at some of the old posts on someone's FB page, it's like looking back at some of the epistles that someone wrote, a long time ago. Someone got something out of it, back then. Someone can get something out of it, today.

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