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Where Was the Bible Before 1611?

Posted on 16 August, 2012 at 13:55


There are only four choices…

1.  The originals:

The originals never had sixty-six books in it.  (They don’t exist, now.)

2.  All reliable versions are the word of God:

They couldn’t be the word of God, since they contradict themselves, constantly.

3.  The words of God are preserved somewhere in the remaining manuscripts:

No fixed or settled texts.  What they do have, no modern day scholars agree (together) on what the New Testament should look like.

4.  There really is a complete inerrant holy Bible: 

History points to the Authorized Version.


Four popular views about the Bible…

1.  Roman Catholic view:

Holy Mother Church and tradition defines what is the Bible.

2.  Liberal view:

The Bible is full of myths and legends.

3.  Neo-orthodox view:

The real issue is what the Bible teaches, not its historical accuracy.

4.  Fundamentalist view:

All the fundamentals are found in the Bible, in spite of its mistakes and errors.  It is not the word of God.  It only contains the word of God.

The correct view about the Bible…

The King James Bible is the word of God.  This is the Bibe-believer's view:  We read God’s perfect word today in the book He has given us; the one we have in our hands.



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