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Keep on Preaching Against Facebook

Posted on 26 September, 2019 at 0:35



...Keep on preaching against Facebook...


Hey, Fool...


....There are STILL people that come on here that don't live near your church.


...There are STILL people that come on here that can't get to your church.


...And, by the way, YOU SPOILED THEM WITH GREAT TRUTHS THAT THEY CAN'T GET ELSEWHERE, unless they compromise doctrine. So, where are they going to go, if they don't live by you?


...There are STILL people that basically have YOUR convictions, but have come to realize that, at least for TODAY, this is where God wants them and has called them to serve.


...Yes, we have heard all that you have to say on the matter. If someone goes on Facebook to gain a modicum of spirituality, they should be shunned.  We get it.


...You clearly point out that the internet will help bring in the Antichrist.   So, what of it...?  ...Won't all your electronics do the same thing...?  You love God, Fool... SO DO WE!


If you are so against the internet, why are you selling books (doing commerce) on it...?  With your convictions, I would immediately stop using it.  Oh, I guess it will hurt your sales—your book sales........


Pastor Bob Leib

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