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Just Wondering by Brother Frank Whitson

Posted on November 30, 2010 at 6:56 PM

Just wondering--is it tradition or contradiction? Is it really true that the firstborn son is always the heir? Tradition says yes. Is tradition a contradiction when we examine the descendants of Abraham?

Let us examine the seeming contradictions in the light of tradition. Don't let this cause a family feud in case you are trying to settle an inheritance with a family member. The old cliche' that the truth hurts does not contradict what we feel when faced with rulings that one family member is awarded a protion we thought would be ours. It is very painful, to say the least.

Sarah tells Abraham to take Hagar and have a son who would become heir, and Ishmael is born. Later, the Almighty tells Abraham that Sarah would have a son named Isaac. Is there a contradiction of tradition or does the Almighty have the right to make His ruling in the affairs of life?

Isaac and Rebekah also have a dilemna while dealing with tradition and contradiction. Esau was the firstborn. Did the Almighty have a purpose in mind by allowing the blessing to be passed down to the second born? Is this a contradiction?

On his deathbed, Israel divides the land by lot to his sons. Did he inalterably contradict tradition by placing his right hand upon the head of Joseph's younger son Ephraim and not Menasseh, the firstborn?

Does the Almighty really take what seems to us as a contradition and work His will in our affairs without our consent?

When Samuel annointed Saul--of the tribe of Benjamin--to be King of Israel, was it contradictory that the kindgom was later translated to the tribe of Judah, with David the youngest son of Jessie receiving the throne? Saul resisted the inevitable by trying to kill David. I am wondering if we have given much consideration to the seeming contradictions to tradition.

Is our first birth, which introduced us into the human family, sufficent to get us to eternal life, or is being born again really what the Almighty is trying to get across to us?  Will we allow tradition to keep us from asking the Almighty to reveal to us what these historic circumstances have to do with us today?

Will we allow the pain of those we have previously mentioned to be vain? Wasn't it best in the end for those who yielded to the plan of God, even though it seemed to contradict their tradition?

Did not the Almighty say, "in Isaac shall they seed be called?"

Did not the Almighty say that "the elder shall serve the younger?"

Did not Joseph say, "you meant it for evil, but God meant it for good?"

Did not Israel say to Joseph that "Ephraim would be greater than Menasseh?"

Did not Saul say to David, "Thou art more righteous than I?"

There is no contradiction to truth. Let us meditate on these revelations.

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