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The Golden Sceptre On-line Review

Posted on February 5, 2011 at 9:24 PM


…I am diligently reading your book and am loving it! I am not trying to puff you up but am objectively critiquing your writing. You have a wonderful style of writing which places awesome emphasis where needed. It's like listening to someone talk but "reading" it. I'm a "lay" person and my vocabulary is limited; however, I understand what you are saying. Your method of communicating your thoughts in light of God's word is unique. I have NEVER read a "message" or a book written in this manner. …I absolutely LOVE your style of writing! I can't get over how it is a PLEASURE to read this book. Most "religious" books that "teach" are a hard read for me (over my head); but this one does not. …Starting Chapter 8 and haven't even read 2 paragraphs and I'm on SHOUTING GROUND again!!! Glory! \o/ What a nice way to prepare my heart for Sunday School and morning services.” After she finished the book... "What a masterpiece this book is! It blessed my heart, it encouraged and excited the spirit within me! If that this was one of your goals for your readers... well, Sir, you succeeded! :-) In case I have not made myself perfectly clear, WHAT A GREAT BOOK!!!! Glory!"

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