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Immanuel is a gripping story of life and redemption that begins and ends on a small country farm, in Israel. Here, we are introduced to little Zophar, whose name means “chatterer.” And, chatter he does, as he grows into manhood right before our eyes - learning, in light of life’s many lessons, to accept and understand Jehovah’s providence.

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By appealing to children, and the child that lives inside us all, readers of any age will receive a great deal of satisfaction from having read this book. Be warned; keep a box of tissues nearby. You will cry sooner than you think.

"Hi! We LOVE the book!! My Daughter zipped right through reading it, too! Just wonderful! Thank you so much again for that special gift!!!" ~ Rochester, NY

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"I thoroughly enjoyed it." ~ Scarborough on Canada

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Immanuel follows a boy named Zophar. The young boy is taken to live with his grandparents after his mother dies. He experiences many difficulties in his life, but the author shows God's love and mercy through this boy's youthful eyes. The story contains scripture in a context that makes sense. It's not just thrown in, but used in a way to highlight the beauty of God's word and the true depth and meaning of forgiveness. I would recommend this book for audiences from eight to eighty.

~ Ellen C. Kelleher, Author of Children's Books

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