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Boaz Baptist Books...  

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At His Feet - The Bible Story of the Book Of Ruth...

Chapter titles:

You Want Me To Do What?

Are You Happy in Your Hap? ~or~ In a Pickle But the Brine is So Fine

The Necessity of Naomi

Open Wide Your Vail




"On Sunday morning, our Pastor was sharing with the people the fact that we have these two books (At His Feet and The Golden Sceptre) and said 'they are excellent' and encouraged each member to get one and read it." Scarborough on Canada

"Used some of your stuff in our men's fellowship the other night!! 10 reasons Ruth did not have to go with Naomi!!! Great study!!! Great!!!!!!" Mississippi

"Bro. Bob I read your book entitled 'At His Feet' and I was completely spellbound. The Lord's used you greatly.... I loved it and can't wait to start on Esther." Kevin Mann, Texas.

 "The book is solid and put together the way a book should be. The Bible Book of Ruth is examined verse by verse in a page turner format. At His Feet is the type of book you will want to read more than twice. I love the book." La Mirada, California

"I have just finished reading 'At His Feet,' The Bible Story of the Book of Ruth by Pastor Bob Leib. I must say, the Holy Spirit was all over this book. I've read the Book of Ruth many times, heard several sermons preached out of it, but Pastor Bob, when writing this book...."Was Plugged In!" In this 140 page book The Holy Spirit has taught me & blessed my soul. They were several things in the book that I have just never seen. Thank you, Pastor Bob, for allowing God to use you. I will say this... I am looking forward to reading your book on 'Esther.'" C.K., Southgate, Michigan

"Well Pastor Bob, I just finished your book on Ruth! I know I enjoyed a work when I end up taking notes! There were many aspects/topics that I really liked. First, your writing style makes this text very enjoyable to read while being packed tight with info. I also agree with all of your conclusions and your theology, so that helped too! I really enjoyed your explanations of types and similitudes, biblical roles and placements and the focus on obedience and submission. I also enjoyed greatly chapter four and the focus of Naomi/the local church. I really like how you ended and broke it all down into context at the end. For being so informative, it was a pleasure to read! Like I said before, your writing style and the style of a sermon made it very accessible. Good stuff!" William Curcio, Ellenwood, GA

The Golden Sceptre...

After 5 years of prayer and writing, the second book in

Pastor Bob's book is now available...

From the front cover...


From the back cover...


Within the pages of his latest book, Pastor Bob Leib invites us to revisit the royal palace at Shushan in Persia. There he says, we will have a "lion's eye view" of the story of Esther written so very long ago. By delightfully lifting the veil of misconceptions that overshadow this Old Testament Book, all at once The Golden Sceptre enables us to see it anew and afresh, in light of New Testament revelation. Listed below are just some of the many topics he addresses in this book.  

Adoption, Anger, Bible Numerics, Blood Atonement, Blood of Christ, Body of Christ, Christ in You, Christian Warfare, Church, Circumcision, Dispensational Truth, Election, Eternal Security, Gentiles, Holiness, Incarnation, Israel's Blindness, Jews, Judgment, Kingdom of God, Kingdom of Heaven, Millennium, Nature of God, Prayer, Rapture, Resurrections, Righteousness, Salvation, Second Coming, Spiritual Circumcision, Spiritual Jew, Temptation, Walking in Christ.

Over 300 pages


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For those of you that are interested in reaching unbelieving Jews - to show them that Jesus is the promised Messiah, we have a new ministry and website that's centered around my latest book, Immanuel.  

Fifty pages in all - anyone that loves a good story will enjoy reading this book, online, for free or order several copies to give to friends and loved ones.

From the back cover...

Immanuel is a gripping story of life and redemption that begins and ends on a small country farm, in Israel. Here, we are introduced to little Zophar, whose name means “chatterer.” And, chatter he does, as he grows into manhood right before our eyes - learning, in light of life’s many lessons, to accept and understand Jehovah’s providence.

By appealing to children, and the child that lives inside us all, readers of any age will receive a great deal of satisfaction from having read this book. Be warned; keep a box of tissues nearby. You will cry sooner than you think.

"Hi! We LOVE the book!! My Daughter zipped right through reading it, too! Just wonderful! Thank you so much again for that special gift!!! " Rochester, NY

"I thoroughly enjoyed it." SCARBOROUGH ON CANADA

Paperback, approximately 60 pages

$5.00 ppd.

Pregnancy Loss...


by Mrs. Terry Leib

This chronicle describes the often neglected and misunderstood grief associated with pregnancy loss. As a source of encouragement and information, Mrs. Leib gives hope to women in sorrow and insight to their friends and loved one.

30 pages

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The Techinique Catastrophe...

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Brother Bob Creel has written a book that is a must for every Independent Baptist soulwinning pastor or layman. His book explains some reasons why there are so many false professions in the Independent Baptist movement. He has graciously given permission for it to be presented here to read online for free. I highly recommend it.

You can also order a hard copy

For a love offering, he will mail you this 115 page book.

Brother Bob Creel,

The Technique Catastrophe

P.O. Box 4548

Sevierville, TN 37864

or call

(865) 712-4537

Soulwinning Crash Course...

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Other than the Bible itself, Soulwinning Crash Course by Joseph Dearing is a veritable treasure-chest of practical tools that every soul conscious Bible-believer might need to begin or continue getting Lost souls to Jesus. Anyone who reads this concise book, who understands the worth of a soul, will be encouraged, equipped and edified. I was. Pastor Bob Leib

Zechariah L. Melton Books

The title says it all: "No greater Liberty." Liberty. How is achieved?

With many insights behind the scenes of TRUE spiritual freedom, Brother Melton's book helps us to see how true liberty is achieved, and, most importantly, how to get there.

It is in genuine sincerity that I ask everyone seeing my comment to avail themselves of this informative, meticulous, work for both spiritual profit and guidance. It will indeed instruct the reader in the way of God's original plan for man: true liberty; true freedom.

Pastor Bob Leib 

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Joseph Dulmage Books

To Access

Joseph Dulmage Books

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O Day of Light and Gladness...

Esther 8:16..."Light, and gladness, and joy, and honor"

Fred­erick L. Hos­mer, 1903. Music: Lan­ca­shire, Hen­ry T. Smart, 1836

O day of light and gladness,

Of prophecy and song,

What thoughts within us waken,

What hallowed memories throng!

The soul’s horizon widens,

Past, present, future blend;

And rises on our vision

The life that hath no end.

Earth feels the season’s joyance,

From mountain range to sea

The tides of life are flowing

Fresh, manifold and free.

In valley and on upland,

By forest pathways dim,

All nature lifts in chorus

The resurrection hymn.

O Lord of life eternal,

To Thee our hearts upraise

The Rapture song of gladness,

The Passover of praise.

Thine are the many mansions,

The dead die not to Thee,

Who fillest from Thy fullness

Time and eternity.

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