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Non-carnivorous Meat

One Continued Thought

Terrible Jews; Terrible Disciples


Please Don't Go to Hell

America Damned Itself When... 

Both the Same



The Main Thing

Pull the Gospel Lever

The Book


Are You Priming Someone's Friendship Today to Give
Them the Gospel Tomorrow?

How Can a Body be a Spiritual Body and Not be a Spirit?

The Priest and His Son the Prophet

The Facebook of Job


"Do Nothing Christians" during the Millennium

Esau and Amelek

Two Things to Ponder

Getting a Bible School Education Can Teach You the Book, But...

What's Your Poison?

Personal Conviction

White Elephant


Is Facebook Detrimental to your Health?

The Main Two Things

What's in Your Cup?

Her Friend, the Piano

Snuffed Out


In Print

Facebook Bible Study Group

A Letter from Mommy

Let's look at a few Bible Types

Is Thine Eye Evil?

Forsaken of God

Tough Apples

Three Quick Reasons

Adoption Papers

Should a Christian Debate?

A Few Thoughts on Walking in the Spirit

A Child's Salvation

Best Laid Plans

He Made the Sign of the Cross After He Got Saved


Jesus or David on the Throne?

How Peter Viewed Scripture

Singing and Praising God Every Morning

Full of the Devil

The Messiah's Coming Out Party

Do All Dogs go to Heaven?

The Book of Hebrews

Mud Puddle


Lifestyle Evangelism


The Steepest Generation

On the Throne

Before You Think

The Antichrist

Aren't We All Like That?

Thou Art the Man

Witnessing for Jesus in the Book of Ruth

The Davidic Covenant

Have Ye Not Read?

No Man Cared For My Soul

I'm Saved, Now What?



Move on. It's Scriptural.

Similarities of Jephthah to Christ

Movie Review for the Picture "Life of Pi"

Be Content




Cast Your Vote

Barley, Wheat and Rye (Are Tongues for Today?)


Wrath Against the Day of Wrath

A Sinner's Prayer

Love Letters

Why Did the Apostle Paul Circumcise Timothy in Acts Sixteen?

The Translation before the Original

Where Was the Bible Before 1611?

Jesus Is Coming!

Why Did Jesus Heal in His Earthly Ministry?

An Unpopular Message

What Are You Promoting?

Shakespeare, The King James Bible and "Hey Jude?"

Inquisitive Little Devil

Could Jesus Have Sinned?

Something I Never Thought About Before

Strong Delusion

The General Epistles

Water Under the Bridge

Faith of Our Fathers

Two Things from Joshua Three

What is The Day of Christ?

Victory in Jesus

All the Counsel of God

Are You Stuck?

Sinless But Perfect

It's All Very Simple

Hebrews Four

Belated Birthday Present

Oy; Him Again?

As Simple As One, Two, Three

Blood and Water

My Wife's Fault

Jewel of the New Testament Books

A Slimmer Ipad or Too Fat for You

The Seventy

A Soul

The Book of Revelation in a Nutshell

In the midst of the Jordan... Joshua Chapter Four

His Peace

Advanced Revelation

Make it Out Alive

The Seven Baptisms

Two Live Births...Both Filled with the Holy Ghost

Bible Tongues


Elijah's Cup

Jesus Believed in Gaps

Old Testament Salvation According to Hebrews Ten

Were the King James Translators Inspired?

Are Tongues for Today?

When Liberty Becomes Legalism

Your Child's Education - Who is Responsible?

The Meaning of the Candlestick

Did Jesus Sing?

Three Reasons They Followed Jesus

Saint Peter... The First Pope

Momma's Boy

Was the Thief on the Cross in the Body of Christ?

Worried About the Future

If you are not saved... Here are some things to know...

Combat Boots


Taking a Beating for Christ

No Real Friends on Facebook

Double Coupons

Just a thought to Christian men


Some Thoughts on Election

To Be Saved

Who Are You, Anyway? Or, Are You Possessed With

Being Possessed?

Peter's Joel Two Versus Paul's Joel Two

A Good Report

In the Ministry

Fool’s Gold

It Works Like This

Is Facebook the Bible?

Better Than the Originals

Where, Oh Where, Is God's Word?

Are You a Calvinist in Your Preaching on



Only one person in this world got to choose His parents

The Kingdom of God versus the Kingdom of Heaven

Do You Have a Teachable Spirit?

Out of the Brook

Pizza and a Tract

I Only Read the Bible

Lady Minister

Something to Think About

The Greatest Evidence ...quote by Kevin Mann

Can you explain why someone had to be re-baptized in Acts chapter nineteen?

Life in a Creek

MY Babies

Dispensational Salvation

A Few Questions about Water Baptism for My Hyper-dispensational Friends

I'm Right and You Are Wrong!

How Shall We Know? (Deuteronomy 18:21)

The Year Man Becomes Immortal

Anti-Semetism Is a Dangerous Boomerang

The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Child

And Now a Word from My Wife

Where's the Fire? Where is Hell? Where is Hell Fire?

Anger is Good!

When You Are Going Through the Fire



Should We Pray For

This is my response to a Rabbi that asked me to "Please come home to your people."

Just Wondering by Brother Frank Whitson

I Would Be Careful

Don't Confuse the Issue

A Living Abortionist

My Answer to the Editor - Local Paper - "Have patience and rapture will come."

"Perception Is Everything"

For Fathers only (and Mothers too):