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The following texts and sermons all deal with one subject matter: The Biblical Gap. Since there is almost no information on the web on this subject, we built a repository/an armory here to store it. This site was designed especially for seasoned (Hebrews 5:13) born again Christians who are able to tackle this weighty subject. Almost all entries are copied materials—giving credit to the * authors where it was possible.

* Though we agree with their stance on the Biblical Gap, we do not endorse every contributor on every subject.

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Audio Sermons

Chad Reese

Michael Pearl

David Reagan

Dr. Wei Kang Tsai

Perry Demopoulos

Cody Watters

Jeffrey Mardis

David A. Sargent

Joseph Dulmage


David Peacock

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Audio Sermons...

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Chad Reese...


These are short notes on what was presented above in the audio series...

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Michael Pearl...

Click the picture. Michael pearl teaches on the gap

David Reagan...

Dr. Wei Kang Tsai...

Perry Demopoulos...

Cody Watters...

Jeffrey Mardis...

David Sargent...

Joseph Dulmage...


Click on the chart to read Clarence Larkin's Dispensational Truth 

Similarities between Adam and Noah


Adam was placed on earth after a judgment on wickedness by a flood.

Noah started over, after a judgment on wickedness by a flood.


Adam was made lord of the creation. Gen. 1:28

Noah was made lord over all the beasts. Gen. 9:2


Adam was blessed and told to "be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth." Gen 1:28

Noah was blessed and told to "be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth." Gen. 9:1


Adam was placed in a garden to "dress and keep it." Gen. 2:15

Noah began to be a husbandman and planted a vineyard. Gen. 9:20


The product of the garden was the reason Adam fell, Vine tree - grapes. Gen. 3:6 5

The product of Noah's garden was why he had trouble. Grape vine - wine. Gen. 9:21


Adam's nakedness was covered by someone else - God. Gen. 3:21

Noah's nakedness was covered by someone else - his sons. Gen. 9:23


Adam's sin brought a curse on his seed. Rom. 5:12

Noah's sin brought a curse on his seed. Gen. 9:25d


Adam had three named sons - Cain, Abel and Seth. Gen. 4:1, 2; 5:3

Noah had three named sons - Shem, Ham and Japheth. Gen. 5:32


After Adam's fall, a prophecy was given. Gen. 3:15

After Noah's fall, a prophecy of three races was given. Gen. 9:25-27


The line of Christ came through Seth and his name starts with an "s."

Line of Christ came through Shem and his name starts with an "s."

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David Peacock...

Click the picture above. Pastor Peacock teaches on the doctrine of the deeps

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C.H. Spurgeon (posthumously) believes the Gap


Further Study...

Thomas Charmers


"Well, brother, I have been around a while and been under some of the finest preaching and teaching on planet earth, but I do believe you have helped me to see something today. I am still mulling some stuff over and am still listening to the message by Pastor John Niehaus from your site as I type, but I am 99 3/4% percent there. I have never subscribed to the gap theory and felt that it was limiting God to hold to that view, however in just a short amount of time this morning as I've listened, thought, prayed and read, some things have just fallen in place that were always a strain to understand before. Anyhow, I just wanted to let you know and tell you that I sure do appreciate you. Thank-you, my good brother!!! Now, I may ruffle some feathers, cause I generally ain't bashful about what I believe, so I may wind up being mad at you for costing me friends!!! LOL Just kidding about that, I don't think I'll lose a friend over it and if I do, they weren't much of a friend!!! Amen??? God bless you!!!" B.C., Mississippi

Months later, B.C. wrote... "BTW, I am 100% there now!! I don't see how it can be disputed!!"


"Ok.... Now I am officially a full fledged 'Gap Fact' guy. After being a holdout for so long and continuing to study the scriptures concerning this subject for many years, I can no longer deny the fact that the gap is supported by an OVERWHELMING amount of scriptures. Without it, Genesis 1:4-17 would make no sense. The real smoking gun proof that sent me over the edge however, was the study of "darkness" that was pointed out by Bro. Jeffrey Mardis. So you can now number me among the 'gappers.' (I am sure this will result in somewhat of a mass 'defriending' of some of my non-gapper' friends')" C.C., Oklahoma (Bible Baptist Pastor nine years)


"I think one of the best sources on the Web is the work of Brother Boaz Baptist. We are linking our sites and pages to it. I have been a 'Gap FACTER' for a number of years. Therefore, I have had to put up with a lot of garbage from Creationists over the years as I 'AMEN' them when they refute evolution, but then cringe as they attack 'the Gap theory' by misrepresenting it and tying it to 'theistic evolution.'

Thank you brother Boaz Baptist for providing this GREAT resource for pastors and teachers who need a little help keeping the flock informed of the truth while it is being attacked by all sides and even by some of the BRETHREN in these last days!" Pastor G.M., Ohio

Opposition to the Gap and Response...

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