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What some have said about The Golden Sceptre...

"…I couldn’t put it down!"

Ron Giannetto, Founder/Director, Little Red Book Ministry. Greece, New York

"…It seems every doctrine of the Bible is brought to life through…this book. I am reading it through for the second time."

Robert Testa, MSEE, MSEd. ITT Space Systems. Clarendon, New York

"Pastor Leib has written a wonderful devotional commentary on the typology of the book of Esther as applied to the New Testament Christian. He has some refreshing insights from the unique perspective of a saved Jew who is also a fundamental, King James Bible believer, a very rare combination in this day and age. Unlike more scholarly works, Brother Leib communicates in a relaxed preaching style that is easy reading for Christians of all backgrounds. I highly recommend it to all teachers and preachers of the Scriptures."

David Cagle, Director, King James Bible Society, Bible Baptist Church. Pensacola, Florida

"…The Golden Sceptre (is) a true labor of love which I will cherish for its richness and edification. I have, and will continue to use it in my portion of God’s vineyard."

Frank R. Whitson, Bible Teacher. The Cincinnatian Barber Shop. Cincinnati, Ohio

"‘The Golden Sceptre’ reflects an enormous amount of thinking which is the missing element in the average Christian and preacher today. This work is rich with types, which work demands much thinking, so that, although I have read this book with great interest, it is worthy of many more pursuits into this wealthy mine in order that the full treasure might be enjoyed…. Dr. Bob Leib has proven himself a fine Bible student and author and I look forward to reading his next literary venture."

Dr. Gerald Sutek B.D., Th.M, Th.D., Ph.D. S.W.A.T Team for Christ. Missionary, Romania

"This book is a great read for the serious student who particularly enjoys Bible typology. Pastor Leib comments on the scripture from different angles and takes the reader from the kitchen to the throne room. There is also plenty of devotional application and a few doctrinal nuggets."

Pastor David Walker, Author: The Bible Believer’s Guide To Dispensationalism. Calvary Baptist Church. Monticello, Fl.

"The Golden Sceptre…for layman and scholar alike. Obviously written to be a blessing to the children of God."

Pastor Don Alexander, Author:The Laodicean Church…A Look At Ourselves. Delaware, Ohio

“This is a thorough exposition of a much neglected part of the Bible. It is not a ‘quick read’, but it is a worthwhile one.”

Street Preacher, Manhattan, New York

"I have read the book with interest, and find it written from a somewhat different perspective, that is, the Jewish point of view. It is rich in the prophetic and symbolic meanings, which are many times overlooked by Gentile authors. The Golden Sceptre should be a valued sermon starter and application source for minister and layman alike."

Pastor H. Don Glenn. Southaven, Mississippi

"The book was truly thought provoking and spiritually stimulating. I was blessed throughout the reading, and had many opportunities to ponder the tour of Esther’s kingdom. This has opened up many doors of understanding, not only to the book of Esther but to the entire Bible."

Pastor Jeff Hite, Lighthouse Independent Baptist Church. Altoona, Pennsylvania

"This book…is one of the best that I've read on biblical typology. It, along with his first book, At His Feet, will greatly enlighten the reader regarding the difference between the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of God as typified in the books of Ruth and Esther. A great study for any true student of the word of God."

Sal Galioto, Missionary, Italy

"Pastor Leib’s book, The Golden Sceptre, is a treasure of scriptural typology as well as doctrinal and devotional application. The Holy Spirit declares the Scriptures to have been given by inspiration of God for the purposes of doctrine, reproof, correction and instruction in righteousness. The Golden Sceptre fulfills all these categories and it is plain that Brother Leib poured his heart into the book."

Pastor Kyle Stephens, Blessed Hope Baptist Church. Coon Rapids, MN

"I just finished reading it for a second time. I must confess that I thoroughly enjoyed it…."

Missionary, Mexico

"The Golden Sceptre is an insightful book of allegorical types and shadows that actually transform the historical characters of Esther into New Testament truth. This unique style of doctrinal teaching helps the mind of the reader to grow in spiritual understanding and discernment. It is a book that exalts the precious words of God, and will help any believer come to know, the intimacy, love, and protection that Jesus Christ has for His bride, is the same, the Father has for Israel."

George Calvas, Street Preacher. Sr. Engineer, Ford Research. Dearborn, Michigan

From 2011

"I am diligently reading your book and am loving it! I am not trying to puff you up but am objectively critiquing your writing. You have a wonderful style of writing which places awesome emphasis where needed. It's like listening to someone talk but "reading" it. I'm a "lay" person and my vocabulary is limited; however, I understand what you are saying. Your method of communicating your thoughts in light of God's word is unique. I have NEVER read a "message" or a book written in this manner. "I absolutely LOVE your style of writing! I can't get over how it is a PLEASURE to read this book. Most "religious" books that "teach" are a hard read for me (over my head); but this one does not. "Starting Chapter 8 and haven't even read 2 paragraphs and I'm on SHOUTING GROUND again!!! Glory! \o/ What a nice way to prepare my heart for Sunday School and morning services." After she finished the book... "What a masterpiece this book is! It blessed my heart, it encouraged and excited the spirit within me! If that this was one of your goals for your readers... well, Sir, you succeeded! :-) In case I have not made myself perfectly clear, WHAT A GREAT BOOK!!!! Glory!" 

Former Church Secretary, Facebook

"Great reading, my brother. My dear mother has finished both of them [The Golden Sceptre and At His Feet] and is hungry for more."

E-mail February 2011

"Pastor Bob's book dealing with Israel, the Jews, recipes for Haman pockets, and mainly, how the book of Esther unlocks a lot of Old Testament and New Testament truths concerning the Anti Bible teachings of Tex Marrs and other assorted anti Semites and the so called 'right wing patriots.'"

Mark Slattery, April 2011

"Hey bro the book that you wrote on Esther is awesome...I cannot get that book outta my wife's hands even if I offer her money and you need to write more."

Johnny Tha Baptist, April 2011

Still learning more from "The Golden Sceptre". 'Bout 3/5 way through it again. Great book!!!!

B.C. Mississippi, April 2011

"Being in a remote arctic village for 4 years now, I've experienced that the mechanics of Bible, prayer, and witnessing certainly will not stop a Christian from being "out of order" at times. God, through the direction of the Holy Spirit, will use another Christian to push the spiritual reset button in your life. That is what The Golden Sceptre has been for me. A smorgasbord of Biblical typology, sprinkled throughout with thick doctrinal teaching, 'The Golden Sceptre' is an abundant life experience. Throughout the author's "apt to teach" approach to story-telling, there are plenty of worthy diversions. The book takes aim and hits on target with a follow through to what should be every Christian?s ultimate focus; excelling in fellowship with the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. Thanks, Pastor Bob, for the edification to that end."    

Chad Bernick, Missionary, Alaska, April 2012

"Jam packed with sound doctrine and historically accurate, The Golden Sceptre is the best commentary I've ever read on the book of Esther. This book was entertaining because much of it is written in a play format. I also enjoyed the songs and poems that were included. If you like the book of Esther, you will absolutely love this book. In my opinion, every Christian should have this book in their Christian library."  

Cody Watters,, July 2012

"'The Golden Sceptre' is a wonderful and very informative book. The author did a masterful job of dissecting each verse to show in type how the story of Esther relates to our Christian lives today. It is a perfect mixture of 'milk and meat.' This is a must read for any student of the word of God."

Pastor Charles Crowder, December, 2012

"Bro. Bob's "The Golden Sceptre" should be in EVERY christian's library. This book is especially relevant to today. Recent false doctrines (by men like Texe Marrs) have very stupidly and ignorantly painted the book of Esther and the historical accounts of Mordecai and King Ahasuerus as something EVIL. But Bro. Bob's book clearly sets the record straight by illustrating the lessons we can learn and its scriptural typologies. Bro. Bob's Jewish roots make this book especially important for him. As he has laid out how the Lord works with BOTH the Jew and the Gentile and how Vashti and Esther figure-in to this lesson. I am still reading my copy, but I can honestly say before I reach its end that.YOU NEED THIS BOOK! Thanks Bro. Bob, for the great time, effort and HEART that you poured into this important study."

Jeffrey Mardis, Author of "What Dwells Beyond" August 31, 2013

"I have finished reading The Golden Sceptre. If you have not read the book yet, you are missing out. Also, I encourage you to get the hard copy version of the book if you can. This book is a serious study for the Bible-believing Christian. It covers a vast range of topics. Not to mention there's a play near the end of the book. I have learned a lot of things from this book that I want to commit to memory. If you are like me, you will want to read the book again when you are finished."

Brandon Cwierz, Student of the Bible. January 22, 2914

"Well I just finished reading your book, The Golden Sceptre. Really enjoyed it, brother. I have always enjoyed reading Esther every time through my Bible but I will never look at it quite the same way from now on. I was taken by how you interwove the book spiritually with seemingly every part of the Bible. But then again it is representative of our Holy Bible itself. I have long since come to realize our Bible is one organic whole rather than a collection of stories woven together by our Lord. You reached deep into the Spiritual connections of many different parts of the Greatest Story Ever Told. Great read my dear friend. God Bless."

Dwane Karr, Street Preacher. January 24, 2014

"Looking for a good book to read? I read the Golden Sceptre by Dr. Bob Leib and it was a breath of fresh air. This is a must read and a book that you should add to your collection."

Pastor Chad Reese, Lighthouse Baptist Church, Lincoln Park, Michigan. September 3, 2016

"Well, I finished Bro. Bob Leib's 'The Golden Septre' and am about to start it again. Not that I didn't comprehend the material, I took it slow as recommend and had no problem understanding, it's just that I enjoyed it so much! His writing style and approach make It very easy and enjoyable to follow along. Bro. Bob fits puzzle pieces together so beautifully into a puzzle I never saw. I have 'mind blown' moments in every chapter! Seriously Bob, you need to write another book! He has given me an excitement about studying biblical typology that was not there before and I truly look forward to studying deeper. I had a lot of fun with the footnotes as well. Reading this really does feel like studying with an old friend. (Be sure to check out footnote 99!) I'm also interested in making his recipe for potato latkes in chapter 18! This book has been a blessing in my walk and I thank God for letting Bob and I cross paths."

William Curcio, Ellenwood, Georgia. October 6, 2017 

A few weeks ago I finished reading Brother Bob’s book, the Golden Sceptre, a commentary on the book of Esther. I don’t read many commentaries, and I very seldom recommend them to anyone. After all, you’ll never find a better commentary on the Bible than the Bible itself. The book of Esther, along with the Song of Solomon, is something of an outlier in the Old Testament, in that no mention of God is made anywhere. This on its own should lead us as believers to conclude that it is a book rife with typology, just like the Song of Solomon. Whereas the Lord may not appear in either of these books by name, He is most certainly there in type. As far as I’m concerned, Brother Bob’s book is especially effective in this area, as a lesson on identifying types in your Bible. Don’t get me wrong, it is more than a study on typology, much more; I mean that even if there were nothing else to glean, all the same I would have come away with a sharper eye for types and antitypes in the Bible, which is an invaluable asset for any Bible student. I may advise people to steer clear of commentaries for the most part, but this is one I do not hesitate to recommend. Bob is a good, God-fearing brother, whose love of the Lord and His Book is clearly evident in the Golden Sceptre.

Did I mention that it’s also a riot? I found myself grinning ear to ear at least once every chapter.

Zechariah L. Melton, Kansas City, Missouri. April 1, 2019

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