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You'll be missed!

It's gonna happen, you know.

Your time will come...

You'll be missed...


...what of your soul?

Where will you spend eternity?

Heaven or Hell?

If you don't know for sure that you are saved and

going to Heaven when you are gone,

click the word ...

Someone cared enough to send you this while you are STILL alive.

Share this message with your friends and family, before it's too late for them....

Dedicated to Bill Claude Montgomery who graduated to Heaven on January 12, 1984

This is the recorded song that was sung at his funeral

Mike's salvation testimony...

"Thanks for sending me the tape of the song that was sung at Bro. Bill’s funeral service, and the other pictures. They are precious to me. Brother Bill Montgomery led me to Christ in a corner booth in his restaurant on a Sunday afternoon in the summer of 1970. I had been to Trinity Baptist Church only two times, Dr. Bob Gray was the Pastor at that time. Only because I was a lost sinner, with no bad reflection on Dr. Gray or Brother Lenny Willinger (both tried to win me to Christ), I had no intention of ever going back again. I had given up on them, but God had not given up on me. A few Sundays later I was standing at the main Gate NAS, JAXS… a bus pulled up and a very sweet girl jumped off the bus and said: “Any of you men want a free meal in my father’s home style family restaurant.” Almost everyone loaded on the bus. Then after the bus pulled off she said; “by the way we are going to stop by our Church first then after the Church service we will go straight to the restaurant for dinner. That young lady was Sylvia Montgomery. That was the first time I ever saw her, and that was the first time I ever heard the Gospel (not camouflaged in a sermon) in her Father’s Restaurant. After dinner Mr. Bill Montgomery told us the old Roman’s road plan of salvation. I bowed my head and prayed the prayer that is in the old pink and grey God’s Simple plan of salvation tract. On that day I met, Sylvia, and Brother Bill Montgomery, and I also received The Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour. Amen! Brother Mike"

Brother Mike's "time" came, in the end of February, 2019


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