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Is this true...?

"In the Old Testament they looked forward to the cross, in the New they looked back.  They were all saved by grace through faith...."

"It is true, that all saints, eventually, wind up saved by the shed blood of Christ, if they get to heaven at all.  But to imply that the Old Testament saints, under the law, were saved the same way New Testament saints are saved, is just heretical nons
ense.  No one from Genesis to Malachi had anything more for a blood atonement and redemption than the 'blood of bulls and goats' (Heb. 10:4).  No one in the Old Testament was 'cleared' of their sins, even after their sins were forgiven (Exod. 34:7), and righteousness was imputed to them (Rom. 4:1-6).  No one in the Old Testament was placed into the Body of Christ; no one in the Old Testament was spiritually circumcised; none of them were born again, and none of them went into the presence of God in the third heaven (2 Cor. 12:14) when they died.  To say that their salvation was IDENTICAL to Romans, chapters 4-5, 10; and Ephesians, chapter 2, is simply to dingaling like a ding bat." Dr. Ruckman