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Though, over the years, I have written and printed books and tracts, passing most of them on for FREE, I have found a better way to distribute my material.

In a busy world, where people don't have time to say "Hello" to each other, alongside the price of printing hard copy materials, coupled with soaring postage prices, I have determined to meet those challenges with something better suited for this ministry.

We have become an, almost, exclusively on-line ministry.     

I have found that what I am doing on-line today is better suited and more effective for the Gospel's sake and speed of delivery, than what we've ever been able to do, in person, before.  

Thank you for your love and support over the years. Also, thank you for assisting us, by helping us reach the lost with the precious Gospel of our LORD JESUS Christ.

Please, PRAY for us and this ministry. And, if The Lord leads you, by all means, contact us! Perhaps, we can be a blessing to you. Remember, we have an active Facebook group, where we can better serve you and be a blessing to you, on a daily basis.

Pastor Bob

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Please send to:

Dr. Bob Leib

200 East Burgess Road, Apt. 44A

Pensacola, Florida 32503

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