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Welcome to our online audio sermon ministry.  These messages were preached in a relaxed, home-church, setting.  Other messages will be added from time to time, as the LORD leads, and opportunity allows.


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A Friend of Sinners, Pastor Bob

A Friend of Sinners
Pastor Bob Leib

Eli's Fleshhook, Pastor Bob

2 - Eli's Fleshook - 7-11-10
Pastor Bob

From Twenty Years Old And Upward, Pastor Bob

From Twenty Years Old And Upward 9-13-09
Pastor Bob Leib

Hereafter, Pastor Bob

Pastor Bob Leib

Come Out, Pastor Bob

RLL - Pastor Bob - 4-5-09 - Come Out

Planet Earth - There Is No Place Like Home, Pastor Bob 

Planet Earth - There Is No Place Like Home
Pastor Bob Leib

Pockets, Pastor Bob

Pastor Bob Leib

Fears And Loves, Pastor Bob


Let's Kiss Man To Man, Pastor Bob


Warning, This Product Is Not A Toy, Pastor Bob


Tag-You're It - a, Pastor Bob


Tag-You're It - b, Pastor Bob 


Why No Born Again Bible-believing Christian Should Celebrate Christmas, Pastor Bob

Why No BABBC Should Celebrate Christmas
Pastor Bob Leib

Ye Should Have Hearkened Unto Me, Pastor Bob

Ye Should Have Harkened Unto Me
Pastor Bob Leib

Clipped Wings, Pastor Bob


Old Cast Clouts And Old Rotten Rags, Pastor Bob


Seedless Watermelons, Pastor Bob


Internal Plumbing With Eternal Proportions, Pastor Bob


Written With The Finger Of God, Pastor Bob


The Coat, the Garment and the Vesture, Pastor Bob

The Coat, The Garment and The Vesture - 12-6-09
Pastor Bob Leib

Well Digger, Pastor Bob

Ditch Digger
Pastor Bob Leib (May 26, 2013)

The Feasts of the Lord 

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The Kingdom Of God And The Kingdom Of Heaven, Jim McGaughey

S - McGaughey, James - The Kingdom of God versus the Kingdom of Heaven
Pastor James McGaughey

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